Freeport School District 145

Home of the Pretzels



The Freeport School District Transportation Department takes the safety of your students and all its employees seriously. To encourage good behavior we use constructive reinforcement to result in positive conduct. All students receive Bus Bucks or Pretzel Points depending on their age. Students can receive Bus Bucks/Pretzel Points for displaying appropriate behavior during their transportation to and from school. These bucks/points can be used at your child's school to "purchase" items of their choice. The list of actions below are some simple ways your students can receive their bucks/points.


 Polite – Keeping your hands to yourself, and showing others respect
 Objects – Keeping dangerous objects off the bus
 Safety – Remaining seated at all times and facing the front
LIsten – Listen to directions
 Talk – Talking using appropiate language
AIsles – Keeping the isles clear
 Voice– Using an inside voice
 Excellence – Following expected behavior and keeping the buses clean



Last Modified on October 15, 2015